New this year: The clinical seminar trifecta! Three clinical seminars in one room. Similar topic, three presentations with the opportunity to listen to one and watch all three.

This session is open to all meeting registrants; however, registration is required.  See the Online Planner for more information.

Office Practice

Best Practices for Care of Transgender Patients in Your Busy Ob-Gyn Office
Beth Cronin, MD

Providing Evidence Based Medical Care for Lesbian and Bisexual Patients
Juno Obedin-Maliver, MD, MPH, MAS

Transgender Health Considerations for the Ob-Gyn
Lauren Abern, MD

Office Practice

Female Sexual Dysfunction Post Gynecologic Cancer Treatment
Lauren Streicher, MD

Sexuality in the Postmenopausal Period
Michael Krychman, MD

Talking to Your Children about Sexuality
Roshanak Zinn, MD



Update on Management of Abnormal Placentation
Radek Bukowski, MD


Anomalies That Should No Be Missed by Ultrasound
Stephen Chasen, MD

Ultrasound in 2018:  What the Specialist Should Know
Jacques Abramowicz, MD



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