Explore Iconic San Francisco

Enjoy the Historic Winding Roads

ACOG is excited to host this year’s meeting in one of the country’s most iconic cities—San Francisco, California. From the fog rolling under the Golden Gate Bridge to America’s only moving National Historic Landmark, San Francisco is home to some of the most celebrated attractions in the world. 

Did you know …

crabs and sourdough bread

Many famous culinary creations originated in San Francisco, including Cobb salad, San Francisco sourdough bread, popsicles, French dip sandwiches, and many more? Please sure to visit one of the more than 3,400 restaurants while you are there.

San Francisco street view

San Francisco has one of the lowest crime rates per capita when compared to other popular convention destinations? Learn about the citywide safety initiatives.

San Francisco fog over the golden gate bridge

The fog that has become synonymous with San Francisco has a name? Locals refer to it as Karl! The origins of the name are uncertain, but it is said to have been around for decades. Karl even has an Instagram account with over 275K followers!