Why Should You Attend the 2019 ACOG Annual Meeting? See what keeps your colleagues coming back year after year.

The Clinical and Scientific Program

“Outstanding selection of a variety of very practical topics across the full spectrum of general ob-gyn practice.”

“I liked the daily topics and enjoyed the debates. Overall it was great!”

“The best meeting for clinical seminars!”

“I like the debate format and controversial discussions and well as the subspecialty courses.”

“Debates were interesting! Are you smarter than a junior fellow program was also great.”

“I really liked the concentration on different topics each day; made the days flow better and more memorable points from the various talks.”

“Many different options available and really good content included without additional cost.”

“Truly enjoyed seeing experts debate hot topics.”

“As a first time attendee, I enjoyed the ACOG Annual Meeting very much! Although I’m from South America and our practices differ a bit, I was able to learn a lot. I look forward to next year’s meeting, and to continuing my education!”

“I really enjoyed the opening ceremony lectures.  I recently attended a Wellness Conference and I thought for this reason I probably wouldn’t get as much out of it, but I think the topics on physician burnout are super important.”

“The hypertension in pregnancy 3-hour course I took was very productive and I walked out with more learning points which was great.”

“As a family planning specialist, I appreciate the additional sessions discussing the unfortunate political environment we face and ways to get physicians involved.  Having discussions of advocacy are key!”

“Opening speeches were so inspiring and motivating.  Overall topics and speakers were fantastic.”

“ECO course was outstanding.” (Emergencies in Clinical Obstetrics)”

“I attended two lunch seminars.  The seminars were excellent.”

“I am a fan of hands-on courses because I have learned from other doctors who attend these courses and not just the instructors.  In addition, I usually get the video conference that is offered and for many session it is the same as having been there.”

“I really appreciate the attention to family planning (contraception and abortion) issues at the conference.  I appreciate the support of the College in emphasizing these topics – especially given the current political climate.”

“I thought there was a good selection of primary care seminars for me to attend that were relevant to my practice.”

“Loved that there were a variety of subspecialty talks, especially a strong family planning presence.  Loved the alumni reception, the posters, great diversity of courses, and well organized program.  Great Meeting!”

“Thank you for the outstanding job of bringing surgery back to ACIOG, especially live telesurgery.”

“The opening ceremony that included teaching us about the importance of our own emotional wellbeing, how to do instead of stew, and how damaging ruminating can be was one of the best ways to open the program.  It provided a good focus for me throughout the whole conference.”

“The vulvo-vaginal seminar was fantastic.  Scientifically based and clinically very practical.”

“The debates were really fantastic.  Love the fact that there is so much free content to choose from.”


“I consider every ACOG Annual Meeting an opportunity to reinforce good practices, learn new information, network with colleagues and friends, and take pride in what my national organization is doing for its members and our patients.”

“It was great to see and converse with colleagues about their on-going work!”

“As a Canadian, I love coming to ACOG meetings—I find the conferences uplifting. They get me even more excited about our great specialty, and I always take away some valuable information from the sessions. Also a great opportunity to network with colleagues!”

“ACOG’s Annual Meeting gave me wonderful opportunities to communicate with ACOG staff and doctors. I am grateful to ACOG for inviting me to the meeting and letting me have such a great experience.”

“I liked all of the new fun interactive games, and the app was really helpful.”

Meeting Structure

“I try to go to several medical meetings each year, and ACOG’s Annual Meeting is by far the most interesting and best organized of them all, and has been for some years.”

“The speakers were amazing and it is clear the focus was on educating, updating & welcoming ACOG members. This was organized very well especially with the ACOG 2015 app.”

“ACOG Annual Meeting is very busy, and a well-organized meeting. I strongly recommend for all general OB/GYNs to attend.”

“The new format and availability of electronic meeting organization are well planned and efficiently executed. Thank you so much!!”

“Have attended ACOG several times, but not for about five years. I was very pleasantly surprised by the stronger content and much better organization than I remember previously.”

“Shorter format and Saturday start are an improvement.”

Student and Resident Opportunities

“Loved all of the medical student breakout sessions!”

“The hands-on skills training for medical students was amazing!”

“I loved the hands-on tutorials at a discounted rate for residents.”

“ACOG always knows what is needed for medical students and residents.  I really appreciate the thought put into medical student and junior fellow days.”

“Great way to cater to the medical student population.  Loved the hand-on skills set and great staff!”

“Loved the fact that this meeting puts effort into medical student specific content!  It made traveling to the meeting to present my poster and do hands-on events worth the money spent for travel/rooms. etc.”

“I thought the CV and personal statement workshop was very informative.”

Dates & Location

“Saturday start best idea yet. Meeting planners did an incredible job.”

“The location was great: great city for visiting. Saturday start was practical. I enjoyed the plenary sessions.”

I really enjoyed the weekend courses & hands-on OB ultrasound – really superb!”


“ACOG Annual Meeting continues to be an excellent meeting.”

“I love the ACOG Annual Meeting and recommend it to all fellows.”

“I look forward to future ACOG Annual Meetings!”

“Had an amazing time at the conference.”

“This was the BEST ACOG Annual Meeting ever; kudos to all responsible!!!!”

Best Annual Meeting ever been to. Great content and organizational structure.  Loved flexibility to choose between colloquia and clinical seminars on some days when I wished to be in two places at once.”

“Congratulations to whoever planned the meeting.  The content was outstanding.”

“I am amazed at the wealth of information and learning provided at the event.”

“I really enjoyed the meeting and felt that I learned a tremendous amount.”

“It has been years since I attended an ACOG meeting.  In the past I found them too big, too impersonal and only attended if I was presenting something.  This year I was very impressed! The meeting has changed, it is very engaging, and is also so much more inclusive of topics in the past that have not been dealt with, like lesbian health issues and trans’ health issues.  Congrats!!”

“It was immensely useful, it gave us insights of what a professional association can be.  And we appreciate the effort of ACOG for everything.”

“It was the best ACOG meeting I’ve attended.  My colleagues agreed.”

“On-site child care (Camp ACOG) was vital to allow both my wife and I to attend.  The staff were friendly and professional and out son enjoyed the activities.”

“I was pleased with the live audience participation portion of the app and the ease at which I could complete the evaluation to receive CME.  The case vignettes around the convention center were also a plus.”

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